Production Is Live & Next Steps

Good Entry Labs
2 min readOct 2, 2023

Good Entry is proud to announce that we are launching our Production dApp officially. We started with a dream in March 2023. After multiple iterations and security checks, Our code is open sourced and verified. The token audit has been completed as well. We are confident that Production dApp version 1 is ready for scaling.

Achieving Product Market Fit

Good Entry is a community driven project with no venture-funding. Our goal is to build a world where good people can constantly improve on their trades, rather than be wiped out. This problem is important to us because each narrative cycle sees many people, especially retail, leaving because they have been wiped massively by unforeseen trading circumstances.

Since our inception, we have seen total users constantly rise with strong support for our protected perpetuals product. The unique feature is that traders cannot be liquidated by price. The promise was delivered.

At first we were met with scepticism. However, when traders saw they could actually make money, we have seen a significant increase in the number of protected perps positions open. The size of open positions has also been increasing.

At the same time, liquidity providers have been compensated with superior returns with additional borrow fees and tokens. This has allowed us to grow our TVL consistently on a healthy risk-adjusted basis as the team balances security measures.

Traders are safe

LPs are richer

Everything is GOOD

Next Steps

Good Entry looks forward to our token launch scheduled in Q4 2023.

The token launch is intended to unite all our existing stakeholders and draw in new users for our vibrant community. In anticipation of the upcoming token launch, all new ezVaults have boosted token rewards.

More details on the token model and launch will be released in time.

One Team One Dream. Let’s Manifest GOOD.

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