GOOD Expansion On Arbitrum

Good Entry Labs
2 min readFeb 21, 2024


GM, $GOOD fam. Good Entry is excited to announce the launch of our latest campaign– STIP Phase 2: User Expansion.

Since qualifying for STIP, we have put it to meaningful use by rewarding the ezVault depositors. We have seen great success with it and are moving towards Phase 2 where we focus on rewarding and growing our active users.

Welcome Bonus

Introducing the new “Welcome Bonus” feature. This feature is aimed at rewarding new users to encourage them to try out Good Entry.

To qualify, users need to open at least three(3) trades on our platform. Everyday, 30 new users who completed the criteria will be randomly selected to receive 5 $ARB tokens. The snapshot is taken daily and will be distributed on every monday weekly.

This new user programme will run for a month until (31/03/24).

To access the Welcome Bonus, users must adhere to the following criteria:
1. Be first-time users on the Good Entry platform.
2. Complete three(3) trades, regardless of size.

More to come…

Other than onboarding new users, we are going to push forward with Trading Competition to supercharge our platform.

Users will be rewarded depending on their positions on the leaderboard, With [Redacted] prizes given to the biggest winners and losers.

This is just the beginning as we expand the $GOOD Community.

One Team One Dream 💚