Good Entry referral program: Sharing Never Felt So $GOOD

Good Entry Labs
3 min readMar 12, 2024

In the current STIP Phase 1: Good Entry has iterated the product multiple times with our top community members. We have become one of the best platforms to trade on with a single user transforming a $35 entry into ~$35,000. It’s never been easier to join the ranks of elite traders than with Good Entry.

And now we introduce our highly requested and long awaited referral program. Along side with the trading competition, we are going full throttle with STIP Phase 2: User Expansion.

Sharing alpha has never felt so Good!

Details: There will be 2 tiers for referral, general users and VIPs.

General user will receive 5% of the fees referred and the referred user will get a 5% fee discount when trading on Good Entry.

VIPs will receive 8% of the fees referred and the referred users will get a 8% fee discount when trading on Good Entry.

All users will be able to refer as a General user for a start. VIP are given to users who have partners and selected NFTs.

The Good Referral Program Guide

  1. Enter the referral page ( → Click the “Connect Wallet” button.

2. After connecting your wallet → Enter your customised referral code under the “My Code” section.

3. Click on “Create my referral code” and sign the transaction (A small gas fee is required) to lock in your customised referral code.

4. After the code is created you may copy and share your referral link with your friends and other affiliates.

5. Once your referral link is opened by your friend or other affiliate → They are required to activate your referral code by clicking on the “Activate Referral” button. A transaction is required for your friend or affiliate to lock in your referral code. The referral link will then be activated and a new “You were referred by” section will appear for the referred.

Expanding The $GOOD Fam: With new user rewards, trading competition and referral going live, let’s start to expand the $GOOD fam and spread the words of $GOOD to more traders.