Good Entry Q4 Plans

Good Entry Labs
2 min readSep 4, 2023

Since we started in March 2023, Good Entry has been rapidly innovating. Q2 was spent finding product market fit. Q3 has been a preparatory phase to iterate on our findings. Q4 is when we begin scaling!

In Q3, we have focused on two core pillars of security and stability in this period. On the security front, we made a credible move towards open source and scalability with a code4arena audit, allowing community developers to actively work on trying to exploit the project and win a $90,000 USDC bounty. Minor bugs have been uncovered and we’ve put in the mitigation measures for review. Open source code is imminent and that should build trust. On stability, we began with more than 300 users testing our alpha. We’ve recently concluded Beta Phase 1 and Phase 2 over a 4-week long and tedious process. More than 70 community members have contributed to make our good product great!

Notable mention to our good community members: natobi., Dg#7045, capybarachan, mramerica7491, cryptojah, lumisticat, blah_being_blah, walluu420, ale8365, tunsadegbola, KevinG#5264, sk1234#7837, Slappjake, Louround, members from UnidentifiedDAO.

We have also received many good asks and seen new use cases for the product being developed. We hear this and will be working to provide it in the upcoming releases. You can explore more on this community built Dune Dashboard.

As we emerge strongly into Q4 with a secure and stable product. We believe that liquidity providers can come in at scale with confidence. Traders can open at size. A good flywheel can emerge.

What can we look forward in Q4

Firstly, we are releasing a production version that provides a smooth LP and trading experience. A key feature for Protected Perpetuals in this iteration is that traders can only open single positions per market. We are keeping things simple as the market catches on to this new innovative way of trading. Multiple position trading will be something we look to build next.

Secondly, with the first season of the pre-mining programme coming to an end, we will be announcing new plans for the GOOD Entry token soon.

Finally, GE is launching our community event at Token2049. Our community members will be out in force. Do sign up on our page. We look forward to seeing you there.