Good Entry Honor Roll

Good Entry Labs
3 min readNov 27, 2023


Good Entry was launched to market in February 2023.

Since then, we have grown significantly to thousands of users and millions in TVL. We began with no VCs and little feedback on whether our actions were right. All we had was a burning Good desire to make a better world for trading. The project was built by a community. It is important to recognise the GOOD people who have contributed their burning passion to the project.

On Monday, 27 November 2023, 1200 UTC, The Good Entry Token Sale will go live.

The members highlighted in the honour roll will share $18,800 of GOOD tokens at 10m FDV as part of the partnership season 1 pool. The vesting schedule commences upon the end of the token sale.

When we say One Team One Dream, we want to pay tribute to the members of the honour roll who have given their hearts to the project. From making promotional videos and stickers to attending many AMAs and providing spiritual support, This project would not have its GOOD vibes without them.

For the GOOD they brought to the world, We wish to, in our own way, reflect it to them.

How To Purchase $GOOD

Head to to enter into the Token Sale Page. Connect wallet and purchase GOOD tokens with USDC.e.

The token sale contract is:


The token address for $GOOD is:

The token address for $esGOOD is:

The market cap will be determined by the amount of tokens sold; unfilled allocations will be burnt.

Once the time has elapsed, the token launch page will show that the public sale has ended.

Users can claim their tokens on the same token sale page.

Proceeds will go to fund team development and market-making expenses.

A pool will be created with the funds raised and trading will commence at the market cap based on the total amount of tokens sold with a hard cap of USD 1.5 million.

Honour Roll:

The members will share a pool of $33,800 $GOOD at $10M FDV.

The tokens will be distributed to these discord members upon the completion of the cliff. These tokens will be on top of any additional esGOOD rewards they have been accumulating. The addresses they have provided to the team will be the recipient addresses unless specifically requested to change.

For members who are not on the honour roll, fear not, you are still eligible for airdrop in the proportions of your contributions.

  1. medocons: $5,000
  2. Jammer2k (3,3) | GOOD Entry#3347 : $1,200
  3. lumisticat : $1,200
  4. leopregowski :$1,200
  5. cosmicradii : $1,200
  6. VVeird0#9408 : $1,200
  7. afro2: $1,200
  8. fanofbera: $1,200
  9. thecoinnaisseur: $1,200
  10. billybohner: $1,200
  11. walluu420: $1,200
  12. godmode.7: $1,200
  13. smiley999.: $1,200
  14. mohammedt75 : $1,200
  15. tophtophs: $1,200
  16. $1,200
  17. atomzy_: $1,200
  18. kaz24224: $1,200
  19. mbormborrv: $1,200
  20. chartingwealth: $1,200
  21. davidaudu: $1,200
  22. mavo1680: $1,200
  23. timbyuto: $1,200
  24. lalotrage: $1,200
  25. amyindi: $1,200

One Team One Dream 👍💚