Good Entry Degen Mode

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2 min readNov 15, 2023


Good Entry Degen Mode

Good Entry is proud to announce the development of Good Entry Degen Mode.

Following our success with Good Entry V1, we have taken the GOOD parts and turned them GREAT.

1000x Degen Mode

In Degen Mode, we have increased the leverage for traders from 10x to 1000x on their collateral. Traders only pay a funding fee. Unlike futures or regular Bitmex perpetuals, there are no permanent loss. Upside is unlimited. Downside is limited to funding.

Home Of Degen Markets

Good Entry will allow team to create Degen markets with the best of both worlds that allows traders to trade options against the vault while maintaining pool2 liquidity for price liquidity. Good Entry EZvaults dynamically allocates capital between trading and pool2 with minimally ~40% vault TVL to be deployed to partner AMMs. These include the community’s favorites: Camelot, Sushi, TraderJoe, and More!

We have yet to see a model that can encourage token trading volume while maintaining good yields on a risk adjusted basis. This will be first.


We’re now introducing our referral programme.

We will have two tiers: VIP and Regular (more information on the different tiers soon!).

It’s not enough to win by trading. Now, you can also share referral codes and win. When you share referral codes with your friends & family, you take a cut of the funding earned. Your friends & family also receive a discount on their trading. You also don’t have to worry about having them liquidated by price, so feel free to share it with new entrants of Crypto too!

The more you Share, the more you Earn.

The more you belive One Team One Dream

You will let GOOD people win. And You will win more.


Progress on Degen Mode is moving swiftly. We have completed our audit report with Veridise Security, who have also audited notable options projects such as Ribbon Finance.

We will open Degen Mode to public use in a progressive manner.

Deployment is imminent.