ARB Incentives Going Live

Good Entry Labs
2 min readJan 9, 2024

It is Arbtrium Season. Good Entry managed to qualify for the STIP with massive support from fellow projects and huge community love. The intent of the STIP is to incentivise growth for our products. We have shipped Degen Mode 1 month ahead of schedule and the product has shown incredible growth and more importantly — stability.

When we look at our Dune, we’re excited to see how usage has skyrocketed compared to our previous version. What we have achieved in 2 weeks in trading volume is what we took 4 months to achieve. We can only keep doing more good.

Now that we have product market fit. We need to scale.

Distributing ARB Incentives

We will be incentivising our Good Entry USDC pools with the 200,000 ARB from STIP as they have the highest volume. This bias towards USDC instead of USDCC.e is because USDC is fast becoming the main stable for trading. We will support it.

The incentivisation will begin from 1200 GMT, Monday, 15 January 2024.

For ARB-USDC, the ARB will be directly deposited into the pool. Distribution will be done twice daily.

For the other pools, there is a staking contract, LP will deposit tokens to collect rewards. Similar to sushi farms.

We continue going building the Good World

One Team One Dream 💚